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Melissa Ferrick On Her Spotify Lawsuit: 'I Have No Issue With Streaming Services'

(Hypebot) – Independent singer, songwriter and publisher Melissa Ferrick has filed a $200 million lawsuit against Spotify, alleging use of her songs without proper licencing. In an exclusive interview with Hypebot, Ferrick shares the motivation behind the suit and offers some advice to other songwriters.

Melissa Ferrick is a respected indie singer, songwriter and music publisher. For the first time since news broke that she filed a $200 million lawsuit against Spotify, Ferrick shares some background and the motivations behind her class action.

HYPEBOT: You are not alone among the artistic community in having issues with Spotify. Do you see this lawsuit as a personal battle to protect your songs, or also on behalf of the greater community of songwriters and publishers?

FERRICK: I see this as both a personal undertaking and an opportunity to stand up for all writers/publishers.

HYPEBOT: Did you try to contact Spotify or their representatives to try to resolve this issue prior to filing the suit?

FERRICK: It was Spotify's obligation to get licensees prior to using my music.

HYPEBOT: If your music were to be licensed properly, would you want it available on Spotify and other music streamers; or do you have other issues with them? (If so what, what are they?)

FERRICK: Yes, if my music is licensed properly. I have no issue with streaming services but I believe they should be following the law.

HYPEBOT: Have you spoken to other musicians about this and is so, what was their reaction?

FERRICK: Yes, I have, and all the reactions I have received are positive. The songwriters I have spoken to are encouraged that this issue is finally being addressed.

HYPEBOT: What advice would you give to other musicians in regard to streaming their music?

FERRICK: Protecting your music is as important as making it. Every musician should know and understand their rights.