Lady Gaga Tops European Charts

LONDON (VIP NEWS) — Lady Gaga pulls off a European chart double on Billboard's new composite sales charts, extending her reign on European Albums with "The Fame" to a fourth consecutive week and climbing back 2-1 on Hot 100 Singles with "Bad Romance".

"The Fame," now in its 54th week on the survey, continues at No. 1 in Germany and Switzerland, No. 2 in France and No. 3 in Austria. The subsequent EP "The Fame Monster," listed in its own right in some markets, climbs 3-1 in Ireland and 4-3 in Italy, and 16-14 on the aggregate chart. "Bad Romance" holds at No. 1 in Spain in Finland, climbs 2-1 in Sweden and now debuts at No. 1 in France, but slips 1-3 in both Italy and Norway.

Gaga's fellow Interscope act Black Eyed Peas thus loses the pan-European singles crown as "Meet Me Halfway" falls 1-3, with Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" (RCA/Sony Music Entertainment) climbing again to No. 2. But Peas' "The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)" album holds at No. 2 overall, again leading the way in Portugal, France and the Belgian region of Wallony.

Alicia Keys' "The Element of Freedom" (J/Sony Music Entertainment) continues its proud record of achieving a new peak in each of its weeks on European Albums, in a sequence running 12-10-8-6-5-3. Its first appearance in the top three is fuelled by climbs of 4-2 in Switzerland, 21-3 in Spain and 7-3 in Holland. In the United Kingdom, where "Element" slips 7-8, it's on course for a top three placing this Sunday (Jan. 31), according to U.K. Charts Company midweek data. It was announced yesterday that Keys would present a U.K. version of the New York gala ball, Keep A Child Alive, May 27 in London, raising funds for AIDS treatment and support in Africa and India.

Michael Bublé reverses last week's 4-8 fall on the Europe-wide chart with "Crazy Love" (Reprise/Warner Music), after improving 14-4 in Italy, 5-4 in Ireland and 14-12 in the United Kingdom. Susan Boyle's "I Dreamed A Dream" (Syco Music/Sony Music Entertainment) is down 4-5 overall, although it's No. 1 again in Flanders and up 9-4 in Sweden, while Florence + the Machine's "Lungs" (Universal Island) moves 7-6 after securing a second week at No. 1 in the United Kingdom. It trades places on the pan-European list with Robbie Williams' "Reality Killed The Video Star" (Virgin/EMI).

Paolo Nutini moves 10-8 with "Sunny Side Up" in its 34th week on the chart. Muse is steady at No. 9 overall with "The Resistance" (Helium 3/Warner Music), climbing 11-4 in Wallony, and German classical crossover quintet Adoro's sophomore album "Fur Immer Und Dich" (Universal), released in November, makes its first showing in the top ten, climbing 12-10. –according to Billboard