Kompoz Offers Collaborative Self-Publishing

CREATIVE COMMONS (Hypebot) – Music collaboration site Kompoz, has launched an online publishing feature which allows musicians to self-publish collaborative projects while retaining all rights to the original work.

Musicians can use Kompoz to launch a project, work with other musicians around the world to complete the song, publish it and offer customized licensing options for use in films, TV, and other commercial projects extending the Creative Commons license attached to each song. The system generates a custom PDF license agreement with pricing options and usage channels defined by the musicians.

Kompoz has a deal with BIGSTAR.tv , an independent film site beginning November. BIGSTAR will begin streaming published Kompoz songs to its community, allowing film producers to license music for use. Published songs are also automatically streamed on Kompoz.com's Finished Songs page, on Boxee, and on the Kompoz streaming audio iPhone App.

"We're pioneering the process we're calling 'collaborative publishing'", said Raf Fiol, founder of Kompoz.com. "Each musician that contributed to a completed collaboration is able to 'vote' on the licensing structure
About Kompoz:

Kompoz is an online platform for crowd-sourcing music creation, from song conception, to recording and mixing, and to publishing. Kompoz is an online social network designed for music lovers to create songs with others from around the world. Kompoz members span over 120 countries and all 24 time-zones. Kompoz is a music collaboration site with features that enable distributed music creation.

Songs are created in layers — drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals, etc. But very few people play all of these instruments, so it's hard to create a complete song unless you're part of a band. Kompoz provides the platform to create songs with a bass player in Sweden, a drummer in Ohio, and a guitar player in Kalamazoo.