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District Withholding $104,000 From Jam Productions

Jam Productions, promoter of the Eagles' August 11 concert that was plagued with poor sound, said the Metropolitan Football Stadium District is unfairly withholding a $104,000 payment to cover ticket refund costs, the Denver Post reports. Jam paid the district $200,000 to use the venue (CelebrityAccess, Aug. 22). The concert marked the grand opening of Invesco Field at Mile High.

In addition, Jam also was hired by the district to produce the pre-concert show that included a film about the stadium's construction, and music for a post-concert fireworks display.

Jam's Jerry Mickelson told the paper he learned the payment would be withheld "pending resolution of production problems."

Stadium district Executive Director Tim Romani said people in the upper bowls had difficulty hearing the 35-minute pre- and post-concert presentations, which is why the money is being withheld.

"They're being deceptive with the public if the district says it's paying for refunds out of their profit from the concert when actually it's coming out of my pocket," Mickelson said. Jam will, however, be paid another $46,000 for booking bands for an open house last weekend.

Mickelson said they are willing to work with the Eagles to provide a portion for the refunds but expects the district to contribute, too.

"It's a sad state of affairs when a public board resorts to this type of tactic," Mickelson opined.

The refund count is now to 8,896 people qualifying, which translates into $355,840. The district stated their share would be $117,792.