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Avicii's Last Music Gets Released
(Avicii AB / CC BY 4.0)

Avicii’s Last Music Gets Released

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NEW YORK (CelebrityAccess) The New York Times ran an article last week that that delved into Avicii’s career and life, including interviews with his family and music producer.

The latter, Carl Falk, has been working on the final album for Avicii – aka Tim Berglin, who took his own life April 20, 2018.

“I was trying to produce through someone else’s eyes and ears — someone who’s not here,” Falk told the Times. “It was really hard not to criticize yourself the whole time. Would he like this? What would he have done?”

When Bergling died while on vacation in Muscat, Oman, his family simply stated that he “could not go on” and remained quiet. Now it has broken its nearly yearlong silence and has announced the new Avicii music and the formation of charitable organization Tim Bergling Foundation that supports groups involved with mental health and suicide prevention. Tim is expected to drop in June, with its first track, “S.O.S.” out today, April 10.

The album will feature songs that Avicii was working on for months and very much wanted to be released, according to his friends, rather than a posthumous collection of leftovers.

“This was a different Tim,” Falk told the NYT. “A Tim that wanted to say something.”

The Times talked to about a dozen people for its article, including his father, who sat down for his first formal interview since his son’s death. All said they anticipated Bergling’s death but that he was in great spirits in the months leading up to it, rather than the sadness they had seen in the previous year.

“He had so many plans,” said Lucas Von Bahder, a close friend since middle school. “There were things he wanted to do, places he was going to go.”

The songs were 75 to 80 percent done at the time of Avicii’s death, according to the Times, and the rest was filled in with detailed notes on his computer and phone.

Avicii’s father, Klas Bergling, was asked why his son, 16 months into a brighter phase of his life, would end it.

“There is no letter,” Bergling told the Times. “He likened his son’s death to “an accident on the motor road” with “several cars.” “Nothing points in the direction that he was planning it.”

h/t New York Times

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