The Most Amazing Music Acts That Were Featured On America's Got Talent

The Most Amazing Music Acts That Were Featured On America’s Got Talent

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If you wanted to find extraordinary entertainers with different backgrounds quickly, we are pretty sure you would browse through America’s Got Talent videos. 

That is because you know almost every act you will see there is a high-quality, potentially show-stopping performance.

That said, the tricky part would be deciding which are the best ones or how to get to them. So, we thought it would be a fun exercise to focus on the music acts only and pick some of the best vocals which have ever graced the AGT stage.

  1. Laura Bretan

When Laura Bretan stepped onto America’s Got Talent stage, and everyone found out she was a singer, nothing would have prepared the audience for what they were about to witness.

As soon as she started singing, her opera voice took over the entire room and created a transportive experience. The reason for this strong impact was that Laura’s voice would rather pertain to a seasoned opera singer, rather than to a teenage girl who’s just getting the hang of opera singing.

The impression was so strong that judge Mel B immediately pressed the golden buzzer. So Laura continued to deliver only golden buzzer-worthy performances all through to her top 10 finish. Here’s her memorable O Mio Babbino Caro rendition:

  1. Linkin’ Bridge

Another top 10 act, Linkin’ Bridge is a band whose members are called Big Rome, Montre Davis, Shon China Lacy and Ekoe Alexanda.

All of them are Louisville natives and the one feature setting them apart is their camaraderie which seems to be reflected by the warm harmonies their voices create.

Plus, another factor they impress with is the unabridged joy with which they sing. If one looked at them during a performance, they would say Linkin’ Bridge is a bunch of talented people whose joy and passion for singing have not changed one bit.

  1. Angelina Green

Here you have another young woman who impressed judge Heidi Klum and thus got a golden buzzer in season 12 of America’s Got Talent.

Aside from the impressive vocal control for her age, Angelina inspired the audience with the poise, maturity, and emotion of her artistry.

She is also a well-rounded performer who impresses with ukulele, piano, and guitar playing abilities, as well as acting, dancing and – if these were not enough – songwriter skills.

  1. Recycled Percussion

With Recycled Percussion, we go back in time to Season 4 of AGT because their act was one of the most innovative out there. Not only that, but they also secured a 3rd place finish.

Two drummers, a guitarist and a DJ, this is the combination which generated much buzz when they were first met by the audience.

However, what truly amazed spectators and made them vote the Recycled Percussion performances was the use of unconventional ‘instruments’ to generate electrifying performances. Car pieces used slopes, ladders or garbage bins – these guys made music out of everything they put their hands on.

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