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The Fundraising Event Planning Guide For Beginners

The Fundraising Event Planning Guide For Beginners
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A successful fundraising event needs proper planning. Due to lack of experience, many organizers make mistakes or overlook crucial aspects. This diminishes the effects of their fundraisers. Experience can only be gained in time, but with proper advice, your first event can be a huge success. Here are the most important aspects you need to focus on:

The Goal of Your Fundraising Event

The first thing that needs planning is the objective of the ceremony. You can help your cause in many ways. Some fundraisers focus more on spreading awareness. Others focus on getting a large number of volunteers. Of course, the primary goal could be simply to raise funds.

It is paramount that you set a clear direction for the event.

Many fundraisers have little effect because they send mixed messages. After you set a goal, everything else should be planned with it in mind.

The Attendees

The more guests attend your fundraising event, the more successful it can become. That doesn’t mean you should mislead or pressure people into coming. The attendees have to be interested in the cause and open to your message.

To reach as many guests as possible, advertise the event on social media as often as you can. You can also tell attendees to bring a “plus one” or even more.

Send the invites well in advance. Don’t forget to send reminders a few weeks before the fundraiser takes place.

After you get a response from most invitees, see how many guests there will be, and do some research on them.

Find out what they like and dislike. The rest of the fundraising event must be planned with that in mind as well.

Your Volunteers and Sponsors

Organizing and hosting a fundraiser without having outside help is tough. Luckily, it’s almost never necessary.

In the first stages of planning, you should reach out to local businesses. Most companies will gladly offer support since they are promoting their brand. 

Get as much help as possible with things such as catering and gift bags.

To save money, reach out to friends, family, and colleagues. They may be willing to assist during the event or even in the planning stage. You can also find volunteers on social media, so make sure you ask.

With the support of sponsors and volunteers, your job will be much easier.

The Entertainment

People attend fundraisers because they want to help the cause but also for the entertainment. Providing them with fun activities and quality acts is necessary if you want the fundraising event to have a powerful impact.

Raffles, tournaments, and fair attractions are ideal for entertaining attendees while also raising money. Find an activity that fits the audience and the cause you are representing.

Booking a professional entertainer is also vital. Fundraisers are generally lighthearted events, so comedians are always a safe bet. If you want your guests to have as much fun as possible, consider booking a talented comedian.

Another great idea is to hire a motivational speaker. They will inspire attendees to give more. Speakers show just how important the cause is and why it deserves people’s attention. The right person can fascinate guests and turn them into loyal supporters of your organization.

If you are not sure what to look for in an artist, don’t worry. Read our article on the qualities an entertainer needs for an extraordinary fundraiser.

How Much Time You Need to Dedicate to Planning

Depending on the size of the event, the planning process could take anywhere from six months to more than a year. Many things need to be thought out. Rushing anything is a surefire way to make a mistake.

Take your time planning each step to ensure your event is a success. To save time on choosing entertainers, work with an agency. They will know who is best suited for the job.

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