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Never before have we been as connected as we are today. The lines between marketing and entertainment are no longer sharply defined – one for all, and all for one.
This is excellent news for entertainment professionals and agencies. Through the power of digital marketing and advertising, direct messages can spread to broad audiences looking to be surprised, engaged, and entertained. 
Incredible Industry Outreach!
We have vast connections with tens of thousands of website owners, influencers, news agencies/publishers and online media partners. We offer entertainment professionals the tools they need to navigate twenty-first-century digital marketing strategies and beyond, and at competitive monthly rates. 
We are prepared to connect you to the world that surrounds you and escort you toward the future of online influence, and the process is simple. All you have to do is be the brand you are and we’ll handle the rest…

This is very organized and on point. We are seeing results. You guys are on top of everything. Happy to be here!

– WENDY DAY | PowerMoves

“We’re happy to recommend DIGITTO to anyone you want to send our way!”

– BRAIN KNAFF | TBN Entertainment

“You Guys Rock! Thank you so much!”

– SHAWNA REED | Record Label Manager

CelebrityAccess partnered with DIGITTO Media to create an unstoppable marketing division to help artists and entertainment industry professionals across the globe! Together, we amplify brands and increase the volume!

We Create Marketing Campaigns And Long-Lasting Relationships!

At DIGITTO, you don’t pay to get ignored. No one likes lousy customer service, and we assign dedicated account managers to your project. Get instant access to marketing experts focused on your campaign. Our solutions include upfront strategies, planning and research. With us, you can forget about ridiculous setup fees and long-term contracts. Just tell us your goals and we’ll help you out! 

Our campaign rates are the same for everyone! It’s about creating the best strategy within your budget and strategizing how the resources will be allocated. The larger the campaign, the more resource’s we allocate to your campaign! As an ethical and goal-based marketing vendor, we create marketing campaigns around your goals, budget, expectations, and other details we collect during our discovery call. We then recommend campaign plan that are within your budget, and customize the campaign to reach your specific goals. 

We work with entertainment professionals at all levels and understand that brand awareness is the driving force behind their success. We devise non-invasive marketing campaigns based on the particular needs of each client. Whether you are a venue promoter, tour manager, record label or talent agency, raising your brand awareness should be an organic process. We merge entertainment with value to craft a message that cannot be ignored.

Tour PromoterS
Being in the same room with people and creating something together is a good thing. - ROBIN WILLIAMS From intricate social media campaigns to celebrity sourcing, we offer unparalleled visibility. By targeting your desired market, i.e. national, international, or local and using the power of DIGITTOACCESS, we place you at the front of the action. This means that both venues and established or rising celebrities have access to your services and are well aware of them during peak event seasons.

ARTIST PROMOTIONS We help artists with advanced online marketing campaigns. Our promotions are tailored to your specific goals. We develop proprietary tools and have over a decade of experience in not only marketing, but the entertainment industry. We provide artists and managers with their very own project board and support team. You will always be aware of what is going on and will be provided updates on progress. Our marketing team will utilize appropriate digital marketing channels with an integrated, iterative and data-driven methodology. We provide left-brain/right-brain thinking for complex campaigns--merging the art and science of marketing strategy. We work with a network of large online publication sources and partnered with premium outlets to help you increase your visibility and presence online.


If you own any entertainment venue, you understand the importance of getting the word out. A successful event is driven by the amount of promotion it receives. We handle that for you by driving targeted traffic to your establishment. This is not limited to customers, either. It encompasses those contacts within the industry that bring customers in. We get you in touch with tour promoters, talent buyers, and managers all through promotions during your peak times.

The assurance that a talent manager provides an entertainer comes from their ability to stay well connected. We can help you spin the web of contacts you need to thrive and assist your talent in doing the same. Social media outreach, blogs, elaborate digital marketing campaigns, these all provide enduring exposure as you focus on what you do best: we work for you while your talent entertains.


Publicists looking to increase their influence and protect their clients can benefit from our assistance. We can help companies looking for a digital publicist as well. Digital marketing services are not strictly geared toward sales; they also help spin a positive image for the entertainer/client. CONTENT IS KING We provide the type of outreach that is friendly, in-tune with audiences, and naturally appealing. A publicist understands the value of a good campaign, and thus they will find DIGITTOACCESS essential to that end. Publicity is a gear in a very large machine that needs constant grease, and our copy writing experts will help you with: • Website Copy Writing (pages & blog)
• Pitches to Journalists/Influencers
• Online Reputation Management
• Distribution/Content Marketing
• Tracking Media Coverage
• Developing Media Lists
• Interview Topics
• Press Releases
• Managing Crises

AGENCIES Agencies housing multiple talent managers can work with us at a company level should they desire. Entertainers look for agencies that have marketing muscle behind them and who can flex that muscle through individual managers. This is possible because we understand the corporate and entertainment worlds today are one. We provide brand awareness for the agency itself or help managers raise their level of visibility all the same.

SENDING A MESSAGE TOOLS TO SUCCESS It is time you send the right message out the right way. You need to be visible in a world that demands that you be present, and that requires some assistance. The tools we provide invigorate your brand and posture it in a flattering light that many can see. Your level of outreach can help you increase revenue, raise your brand awareness and ultimately earn you respect in your industry. So how do we do it? We merge marketing with entertainment. We connect the dots and provide visibility through initiatives that have style and flair to them. Short and sweet messages, enticing promotions, assured promises and more drive our marketing.

Disruptive or subtle when it needs to be, we understand the many voices that drive entertainment today. Our digital presence is set to leave an imprint on the entertainment industry, and we are inviting you to be a part of that signature.

It is important to note the power that social media has handed out over the last seventeen years. Today individuals have the ability to promote themselves like never before. The crowded market can seem daunting but with the right level of experience, it can be dominated. We offer you an opportunity to be one of today's big players online by helping you raise the stakes of what matters to you. Your audience can connect with your passionate message and engage you on a personal level. For both managers and artists alike an organic connection is essential to a successful career in entertainment. PLAN EARLY Marketing works best when it is implemented early on in a venture. As entertainment professionals, you know the importance of bright visibility from the get-go. We provide you with digital marketing campaigns set to take you from the start to the finish line while adapting along the way. No obstacle is too large to overcome and we forecast for any changes in the industry as we work with you and for you. Entertainment strategies that can help you engage your target audience, increase your revenue and raise your reputation. SOCIAL MEDIA


IT'S SHOWTIME! The time is now for you to take action; the time is here to shine. DIGITTOACCESS is your gateway toward a future that combines entertainment with marketing for a rich blend of influence. There has never been a better time to step into the business, and we are offering you the tools to do so. No matter which sector of the industry you operate in, we understand you and support you. Look around you – the world is changing, and it demands you do the same.
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Marketing budgets are marketing plans in terms of costs; For planning & resource allocation.