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The Fundraising Event Checklist That Helps You Raise More Money

The Fundraising Event Checklist That Helps You Raise More Money
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When done right, fundraising events are excellent occasions to gather funds for a cause. Besides that, they are also great in allowing you to connect with donors and establish a reputation as a trustworthy organization.

To make the most out of this opportunity, add these steps to your fundraising event checklist and grant your fundraiser the highest chances of success!

Establish a Purpose

The first thing that you should have in place is the main reason why you started this event in the first place. What have you set out to accomplish?

Yes, the event itself serves as a platform to gather funds. You can elaborate on this objective. For instance, is your event also intended to spread ideas and educate an audience on something important related to your cause and organization?

Alternatively, maybe it’s meant to honor something or someone?

Keep in mind that you can always expand on your event’s theme and capitalize on its execution to raise more funds.

Set Up a Team

Whether they are volunteers or people employed for organizing the event, a dedicated fundraising committee not only sees to it that the event is professionally-organized, but it also ensures that everything will go as planned during the event.

Being able to rely on a diligent team is an essential item on your fundraising event checklist.

Here are some of the tasks a dedicated fundraising committee can help you with to support your event:

  • Provide logistical support;
  • Greet donors;
  • Help with flyers and promotion;
  • Assist with administrative duties.

Also, on the plus side, the audience will appreciate if the event goes smoothly which in turn will help maximize results and impact. Put simply; you raise more money.

Prepare Your Budget

It is no secret that fundraising events will generally require an initial investment. However, knowing how to manage your financial resources cleverly can make a world of difference for the better.

Here are a few tips that will help you better budget your event:

  • Write down an estimate of your costs. Once you’ve made a note highlighting all costs and estimates, you can begin to project the possibilities of revenue. Be thorough when researching prices to ensure your estimates are as accurate as possible.
  • Plan for unexpected expenses. Sometimes, the cost of something is dependent on another. For instance, the venue you choose can influence how much the food will cost. Also, keep in mind that emergency costs can arise, so it’s always better to have a “rainy day fund” that you can use.
  • Team up with sponsors and local businesses. This is a great way to build relations within your community, as well as share the expenses of organizing the event.

Put Entertainment High on Your Fundraising Event Checklist

Entertainment is something that shouldn’t be missing from your fundraising event checklist. That’s because it is vital in providing people with a sense of value in return for their time and goodwill.

What’s more, you can strengthen the bonds with loyal donors by providing them with high-quality entertainment as a way to showcase appreciation.

For example, you can look into organizing a benefit show and hire a performer for it.

We recommend a hilarious stand-up comedian with extensive experience in performing at fundraisers, churches, and corporate events.


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