Universal Music Group Partners With Free All Music

NEW YORK (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) — Universal Music Group has partnered with ad-sponsored digital music download service FreeAllMusic.com to offer consumers free, legal downloads from UMG's broad digital catalog of chart-topping musical artists. The announcement was made today by David Ring, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Business Affairs for UMG's eLabs, and Richard Nailling, Chief Executive Officer of FreeAllMusic.com.

Through this agreement, thousands of tracks representing many of the world's most prominent artists are being made available now in FAM's current private beta period, where users will be offered up to 20 free downloads per month, five per week, starting every New Music Tuesday. This is based on the usage patterns of a typical "hits-oriented" iTunes customer. FreeAllMusic.com is keeping with its "walk before we run" philosophy in slowly building its user and advertiser base.

FreeAllMusic.com is a new music service that provides consumers with downloadable, high-quality, iPod-compatible MP3s of popular songs that are advertiser-paid, free, legal, and unrestricted (DRM-free). In exchange for watching one brief video commercial per download on the FreeAllMusic.com site, users receive a permanent, high-quality download which they can enjoy anytime, anywhere with no further advertising or restrictions. There is no software required for the service. Users' music selections and sponsoring brands are then promoted externally through an opt-in, consumer-informed digital advertising network.

To download a free track, registered users simply select a participating brand they prefer, and watch a brief video from that brand. After each download, FreeAllMusic.com serves additional advertisements for that brand across targeted websites. Visitors to those sites will see ads displaying information about downloads, supporting brands, and FreeAllMusic.com. Users can also email information about their download to friends, who can also download it legally for free…if they watch the ad, too. Sharing of download activity can also be posted on popular social networking sites.

Charter brands for the private beta period include Coca-Cola®, Warner Bros. TV, Zappos.com, LIONSGATE®, LG, inconcert3D, and Powermat.

Fans get their free music legally, brands gain new loyalties, and artists are compensated no differently than if the tracks were purchased, creating a fair balance for all participants.

"For the first time, a legitimate free music download service is making 'doing the right thing' easier than piracy. Our site is fast, easy and fun for consumers," noted FreeAllMusic.com's Richard Nailling. "The addition of UMG's artists from Lady Gaga and Rihanna to Taylor Swift and Jay Sean means people can count on FAM to offer an excellent selection of DRM-free music for just about every taste."

"Free All Music has created a new advertising model that connects fans, artists and brands," stated Mr. Ring. "It provides an opportunity for fans to support the artists that they love, and brands to build loyalty with existing and new consumers. Universal Music is committed to enabling and supporting services that provide engaging alternatives for fans looking to legally download music." –by CelebrityAccess Staff Writers