Tweeter Center Adds Fees To Box Office Purchased Tix

Purchasing event tickets at the venue box office usually assured the ticketbuyer of purchasing a ticket without the add-on service fees incurred by ordering over the phone. This could be a thing of the past.

The SFX-operated Tweeter Center in Mansfield, near Boston, has added a "transaction fee" of $5 on each ticket purchased at the box office as well as adding a $2 fee to tickets purchased the day of a concert. The facility management fees have also been hidden. In the past the venue has disclosed the facility fees, but it is now being rolled into the gross ticket price.

"In effort to simplify for the consumer and to be consistent throughout all SFX venues, the facilities management fee is now included in the gross ticket price, said Pamela Fallon, a spokeswoman for SFX Boston, in a written statement. "The ticket price is now all inclusive, except for any parking or the Ticketmaster service fees."