Topspin's Ian Rogers Becomes An Artist Manager

SAN FRANCISCO (Hypebot) – On his personal blog, Topspin CEO Ian Rogers has revealed that in addition to running the direct to fan tech start-up, he's also co-managing a new artist. The focus of Roger's attention is Get Busy Committee, a duo of RyuApathy (solo MC, Army of Pharoahs, Demigodz) and Scoop Deville (in-demand producer for Snoop Dogg, Clipse, The Game, Murs and more).

As Roger's explains it, "being the CEO of Topspin and not having experience managing a band is like running Flickr and not taking photos". The debut album has, as you might imagine, been released with the help of Topspin. But Rogers and the band have also assembled a team to support the release and he's shared their choices in the post. He also promises that this is just the beginning. "I am going to try to blog the experience in hopes it might be interesting/useful for others."

That's where things could get interesting for the rest of us.

Ian Rogers is smart to share to publicly his experiences as manager. Too many management and revenue relationships stay hidden in the music industry. Continuing to share the "how" proves transparency; and many will find the information useful.

The single measure of the success of this experiment should be Roger's ongoing blogging – not the band's sales numbers. He needs to follow up regularly with the results, with what works and what doesn't. Otherwise, today's blog post will feel like clever release hype. I'm betting that is not what Rogers is up to; though I admit that his post led me to listening and I liking what I heard: kid of Gnarls meets Girl Talk with a tip of the hat to Run DMC.