MobBase D.I.Y. iPhone Apps

BURLINGAME, CA (Hypebot) – Fostering the artist to fan connection is the current mantra and iPhone apps the preferred cutting edge delivery device. But to date only iLike has offered indie artists an affordable way to join the mobile party. Now the team behind MixMatchMusic are adding to the d.i.y. iPhone app toolbox with MobBase, a service that enables artist created custom iPhone apps. These affordable robust apps can share music, photos, videos, tweets, news, show info, merchandise and other content.

While in beta 22 artists and labels including Pepper, Everclear, Greg Laswell, Rebelution, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, Easy Star All-Stars and The Blakes have launched MobBase applications. “The iPod put music in fans’ pockets. The MobBase iPhone app puts musicians in fans’ pockets, with the high value content that fuels the artist-fan connection,” said Charles Feinn, CEO and co-founder of MixMatchMusic, MobBase’s developer.

Featured content supported includes:

  • Music including a buy function.
  • Videos: Share videos or feed at YouTube channel directly into the application. Fans can also upload their own videos to the app.
  • Photos: Create and share photo collections plus integration with Flickr and Picasa.

  • News/Blog including RSS feeds.
  • Shows info including integration with MySpace.
  • Discography.
  • Twitter integration.
  • Store: Like a mobile merch table, connected to artists’ web stores.
  • Biography.
  • More: MobBase is highly customizable and supports additional functionality. Artists can expand on the platform.

    Indie labels Controlled Substance Sound Labs, SMC Recordings, Welk Music Group, Vanguard Records, Sugar Hill Records, Red Bull Records, Sargent House, 429 Records and digital distributor IODA have each agreed to promote MobBase apps to their rosters.


  • It costs nothing to create an app.
  • $20 to activate
  • Starts at $15 a month for the first 500 fan installs
  • $5 more each month for each additional 1000 installs
  • Pricing is slightly higher for paid apps starting at $20 a month