IODA Adds Labels To Distribution Roster

Digital distributor IODA has inked a number of new content deals. Labels include V2 Benelux, Union Square Music, Agriculture, Asian Man, Barge, Catsup Plate, Captured Tracks, Jade Tree and NooN Music IODA also has signed the recently reunited band That Petrol Emotion, who will be digitally re-issuing their albums Fireproof and Final Flame as well distributing their debut album Manic Pop Thrill via Demon Music Group.

“As an independent company, we were drawn to IODA’s similar roots,” said Tom Willinck, of V2 Benelux. “IODA not only has a deep understanding of the needs of independent labels and artists but also has developed sophisticated solutions for that community."

More on the new labels:

  • V2 Benelux – Originally founded by Richard Branson in 1997, V2 Benelux provides physical distribution, marketing, promotion, accounting and sales for a wide variety of artists in the Belgium and Netherlands regions, including Dan Wilson, Patrick Watson, Frank Boeijen, The Scene, Ane Brun, Luka Bloom, Lady Linn & her Magnificent Seven and Skunk Anansie.
  • The Agriculture Records – Founded by DJ Olive and James Healy from the ashes of the 1990s Williamsburg warehouse scene, ten-year-old the Agriculture Records represents artists from the street to the museums, from the clubs to the backyard barbeques. Upcoming album releases include DJ Olive, DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek, Escape Arts, Badawi, and Deadbeat.
  • Asian Man Records – Run out of his parent’s garage since 1996, Mike Park has planted Asian Man Records as one of the truly DIY punk labels around today. The label has introduced the world to such artists as the Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, The Queers, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Skankin’ Pickle, and Lemuria. The label continues its’ presence in the DIY punk community and also their involvement in non-profit activism with their sister company the Plea for Peace Foundation
  • Barge Recordings – Founded in 2005, Barge Recordings is a Boston/NYC-based label offering a wide range of sounds, from electronic to the unknown. Garnering attention for a unique curation of music, Barge continued on to release albums by The Fun Years, Geoff Mullen, MGR & Xela, Bird Show, and Animal Hospital. Barge has recently added the English duo Pausal to their roster of artists.
  • Captured Tracks – A Brooklyn-based label founded in 2008, Captured Tracks got its start with the post-punk sound of Blank Dogs. Captured Tracks has since expanded its roster to include artists such as The Beets, Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing and Mayfair Set.
  • Catsup Plate – Founded by Rob Carmichael over 15 years ago, Catsup Plate Records inhabits the zone between pop structure and experimental abstraction. Catsup Plate has provided a forum for a diverse group of artists: Animal Collective, Destroyer, Black Dice, The Double, Simon Joyner and Mountains, among many others.
  • Jade Tree – Approaching 20 years since its DIY inception, Jade Tree has earned its place as a household name in the world of independent music. The label has had the honor of introducing such luminaries as Pedro The Lion, Jets to Brazil, The Promise Ring and Lifetime to generations of indie-rock and punk music fans around the world. Recently, the label has worked with hardcore giants Paint It Black, post punk rockers These Arms Are Snakes, indie dance darlings Snowden, and Richmond punks Cloak/Dagger.
  • That Petrol Emotion – After a 15 year hiatus, That Petrol Emotion reunited in 2008 with their unique blend of hook-laden guitar pop. In addition to future releases, IODA has digitally re-released That Petrol Emotion’s last studio album Fireproof, as well as the band’s final live album, Final Flame, which has been restored to the full original running order, including several previously unreleased tracks.
  • Union Square Music – One of the five largest independent record companies in the United Kingdom, Union Square Music expects to release over fifty albums in North America before the end of 2010. The label works with artists across genres from rock to classical, jazz to punk. IODA will digitally release their albums in the United States, including Procol Harum (One Eye To The Future), Barbara Dickson (album of Dylan covers Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright) and The Undertones, whose back catalog Union Square will release in 2010.
  • NooN Music – Roy Orbison Jr., son of legendary singer Roy Orbison, has joined IODA for digital distribution of his father's masters owned by his company NooN Music LLC. The first release is Orbison’s “Last Concert,” recorded live just two days before the singer’s untimely passing. It includes some of Orbison’s biggest hits such as Oh, Pretty Woman; Only The Lonely; In Dreams; Crying; and Ooby Dooby.