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How Long Until Google And EFF File Amicus Briefs In Aurous Lawsuit?

(Hypebot) – After major labels recently filed suit against the unlicensed music download and streaming service Aurous, (which is being referred to as the "PopcornTime of music") history is suggesting that the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Google will likely be filing amicus briefs in favor of the defendant.

Guest Post by David Lowery on The Trichordist

Major labels filed suit against the unlicensed music downloading service Aurous, The company has been called “Popcorn Time for Music” because of the ease with which it allows users to download music from bittorent tracking sites. More accurately Aurous is simply an unlicensed Spotify. That is it provides exactly the same service that Spotify provides but it doesn’t bother getting licenses or paying artists.

Now in the past when we see cases like this, usually within a matter of weeks we see Google and EFF file amicus curiae briefs on behalf of the defendants. In fact this blog has rarely seen a piracy case in which Google and EFF haven’t weighed in on behalf of the infringing site. Now we always expect this serial enabling of artist exploitation sites from the EFF. Because let’s face it, the EFF has become an anti-civil rights organization. The EFF seems to always find commercial websites have “rights” that supersede those of the individuals they abuse. No matter how heinous these sites. That’s why the EFF stoops to defending REVENGE PORN websites (a form of sexual assault) as a form of “speech.” What’s next EFF, child porn sites?

But Google should be cool right? I mean they are our partners right? They have Google Play and YouTube. They love musicians, film makers and other creators. We’re all on the same side right guys?

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. etc etc etc.

Any questions? What’s that I can’t hear you entertainment industry? Oh I understand, it’s kind of hard to speak clearly with that Google brand knife in your back. How did that get there?

So the count down begins. How many days till Google and EFF file their amicus briefs in this case? Since October has 31 days the pool will work using modulo 31 math. For civilians that means we will roll over to 1 at day 32. The pot is currently up to $24 dollars! You know about the size the typical check from a legal streaming service.

Finally, why is it that none of the streaming services like Spotify or Pandora file amicus briefs on behalf of rights holders and artists? I mean Aurous competes directly with both of these services. It seems like they have as much at stake. And we are friends right? Perhaps it’s because they aren’t really our partners at all? That indeed they don’t give a shit about artists and rights holders? I’d love to see one of the labels ask their partners Daniel Ek or Tim Westergren this question.