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Has Guy Hands Already Lost His Way?

London (Hypebot) – Or did the head of new EMI owner Terra Firma ever even know his destination?

Help me out here…When you have a minute read yesterday's leaked memo to his staff (full text here) as well as his post-Radiohead-loss memo of just weeks ago (here). Is it me or does this sound like the meaningless babble of someone who has just taken over a large business that he has no idea what to do with?

"(I see the) need for fundamental change in how we approach the music business and how we deliver the interconnected triangle of the consumer, EMI and the artist," wrote Hands yesterday.

FILL IN THE BLANKS – For the underlined words substitute auto business, consumer, Ford and dealar or try agri-business, farmer, Monsanto and potato. Isn't this the same babble has been sinking corporate ships for decades.

If EMI were still a public company, I think the markets would punish him. Or am I being too harsh? To quick to judge? What do you think?