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Dance And Death: The Problem With The EDM Scene

(Hypebot) – EDM has become massively popular with teens and young adults, but while the festivals where this music is played are in many ways simply a fun night out, there is also a dangerous subculture of overdoses, assaults, and fatalities that is often unmentioned.

In her recent piece for MusicThinkTank, Emma Sturgis discusses several of the issues, acknowledged or not, which plague the Electronic Dance Music scene. From the use of unknown drugs, to the inappropriate involvement of employees at these events, all combined with an overall lack of accountability for those in attendance.

"MDMA, Ecstasy or “molly” is the main drug that’s usually passed around EDM events. Ecstasy is still a dangerous drug even when it’s in its pure form, but that’s not usually the problem at EDM events. In fact, users might be taking an unknown drug mixture when they meet up with dealers within the festival. Dealers might cut the MDMA with several other substances to stretch their supply, for instance. As a result, more people succumb to negative drug side effects during EDM events because of questionable MDMA mixtures."

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