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Adele Team Is Planning A Tour The Old Fashioned Way

LONDON (VIP NEWS) — Adele is plotting a US tour, to support her new album, using a strategy that`s rare for an artist of her stature: her team is working on deals on a market-to-market basis rather than cutting a single tour deal with a promoter like Live Nation or AEG Live.

It`s a more complex and time-consuming approach that is common for club circuits but has fallen largely out of practice on the arena level. But it can lead to competitive bidding in each market and better terms on hall rental and merchandise percentages. Plus, it can provide individualized attention in each market, as promoters focus on working their own shows independently rather than a tour as a whole.

For all its potential benefits, the tactic also puts much more work on the plate of Adele`s booking agent, William Morris Endeavor`s Kirk Sommer, who now has potentially dozens of deals to negotiate. Though less common for a superstar artist, the practice is not unheard of, and is the model for agents like Dennis Arfa, CEO of AGI, and his flagship client Billy Joel.

Still, it makes sense for an artist like Adele, who doesn`t have an expansive touring record and could require the extra attention each market will provide. And while working market to market means independent promoters like Another Planet Entertainment, Nederlander Concerts, Jam Productions and Bowery Presents — each of which promoted shows on her last tour — are contenders to be involved this time around, it doesn`t rule out partnering with Live Nation or AEG Live on select dates. Ultimately, it puts the focus squarely on who can offer the best terms in each situation.

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