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A Fan's Take On The Streisand Debacle

DUBLIN (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) — In a series of articles, CelebrityAccess has detailed the events that have transpired around a controversial Barbra Streisand concert that took place in Dublin. Weather and apparently poor organization on the part of the promoters, combined with exceedingly high ticket prices left many fans feeling decidedly shortchanges. Here is one fan's take on the event:

I was one of the poor souls (literally) who paid an extortionate amount of money to see and hear Barbra sing in Dublin and am still recovering from the shock of the evening that was billed as "the opportunity of a lifetime" which was being held in an "intimate setting.

Please tell me what is intimate about about a field?

The concert, for far too many fans was an unmitigated fiasco from start to finish and those who paid the most for their seats suffered the most – because their seats did not exist. I sincerely hope Barbra finally intervenes in this debacle about the event and supports her many supporters whose dreams were shattered the night they trudged in the sludge to see her. I saw and heard only the last 15 minutes of her show despite being at the venue since 5.30.

Thanks to the appalling conditions, the ineptitude of the organisers and the selfish behaviour of many of her fans who blocked the view of those already seated and who complained vociferously about the lack of stewards, garda and seats, I would have been better staying at home and saving myself the £187 I paid for my ticket, the £200 I paid for a sub standard hotel (inflated prices because of the week-end) £50 in taxi fares and the £100 I paid for my flight from Scotland. All in all, my visit to see Barbra in Dublin was the most expensively disappointing visit I have ever made. As a fan of 30 years standing, it has been a long held dream to see her in person. My dream was shattered that week-end in Dublin. I know I will never get the opportunity to see or hear her live again.

The Dublin concert should NEVER have been held at that venue, and knowing that Dublin had suffered over 40 days and nights of rain, the concert should have been CANCELED and rescheduled. Barbra was badly advised to appear at Castletown House and she should contact her downtrodden fans with offers of support-even if only through her website. Her long silence over this fiasco is very disconcerting and undoubtedly disappointing to say the least. Her fans deserve better."

– Irene Irving

– CelebrityAccess Staff Writers