2001 Boston Music Awards

The winners of the 2001 Boston Music Awards are:

Act of the Year Godsmack
Rising Star American Hi-Fi
Album of the Year – Awake (Godsmack)
Outstanding Rock Band – Godsmack
Outstanding Hard Rock Band – Dropkick Murphys
Outstanding Jam Band – Soulive
Outstanding Funk Band – Superhoney
Outstanding Club Band – C60
Outstanding Ska band – Bim Skala Bim
Outstanding Rap/Hip-Hop Act – Mr. Lif
Single of the Year – Everything You Want (Vertical Horizon)
Male Vocalist of the Year – Sully Erna (Godsmack)
Female Vocalist of the Year – Aimee Mann
Outstanding New Rap/Hip-Hop Act – Insight
Outstanding Electronic/DJ Act – Tym Ryan
Outstanding Blues Act – Susan Tedeschi
Outstanding Country Act – Dave Pike & The Good Ole Boys
Outstanding World Music Act – John Brown's Body
Song of the Year – Save Me (Aimee Mann)
Video of the Year – Home (Staind)
Outstanding Album (Indie Label) – Royal (Amazing Crowns)
Outstanding Debut Album(Indie Label) – Occupation: Rock Star (Halfcocked)
Outstanding Single (Indie Label) – Crazy (C60)
Outstanding Song (Indie Label) – Crazy (C60)
Outstanding Male Vocalist (Indie Label) – Keith Smith (C60)
Outstanding Female Vocalist (Indie Label) – Juliana Hatfield
Outstanding Rock Band (Indie Label) – The Sheila Divine
Outstanding New Rock Band (Indie Label) – C60
Outstanding Rap/Hip-Hop Album – Enters the Colossus (Mr. Lif)
Outstanding Rap/Hip-Hop Single – Internet MC's (Akrobatik)
Outstanding Jazz Album – Motherland (Danilo Perez)
Outstanding Singer/Songwriter Album – Little Steps (Merrie Amsterburg)
Outstanding Debut Singer/Songwriter Album – Australia (Howie Day)
Outstanding Male Singer/Songwriter – Ellis Paul
Outstanding Female Singer/Songwriter – Melissa Ferrick
Outstanding New Singer/Songwriter – Nate Borofsky
Outstanding Producer – Matthew Ellard
HALL OF FAME – Mikey Dee