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Best Corporate Event Activities Ideas for an Interactive Evening

Best Corporate Event Activities Ideas for an Interactive Evening
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Coming up with corporate event activities ideas is no walk in the park. 

That’s because the activities must be fun, creative, engaging, inclusive and align with the overall goals and theme of the event. Checking all those boxes can be quite a challenge, especially when dealing with a greater number of attendees.

It’s challenging but not impossible, though.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a few excellent ideas for activities which will get everyone to engage and participate. Use them as inspiration for your next corporate event to get the most out of it.

  1. Quizzes Which Play into the Theme of the Event

One of the main advantages of organizing a quiz as part of your event is that this activity is highly-customizable.

In other words, you can quickly adapt it to your event’s theme or goals. For instance, if one of the goals is to reinforce company core values, then maybe you can do a quiz which supports that.

What’s more, this activity will engage guests without them needing to move seats, so it’s convenient, as well.

We would recommend hiring a master of ceremonies to manage the activity, keep it fast-paced and ensure everything runs smoothly.

  1. Pass the Mic to Continue the Story

Start off a scenario for a story and then ask attendees to pass the mic and continue the narrative. To keep things interesting, introduce new characters and invite attendees to react to plot twists as they occur.

This is a fun improv exercise which will get everyone to pay attention.

You will be surprised by how invested guests will get in the story. Moreover, it’s also one of those corporate event activity ideas that encourages collaboration, which means it’s also a great team building exercise.

  1. Follow the Clues

There’s no single recipe for how to organize a “follow the clues” game, but the main concept is pretty much the same: guests will have to complete different challenges by following a series of given clues.

You can use this exercise to encourage guests to explore different places across the venue, ask questions and interact with others. It’s an excellent idea for large conferences or trade shows because it motivates attendees to move from one place to the other and explore new areas.

This is one of those corporate event activities ideas which are super easy to implement – regardless of the number of attendees.

Keep the game interactive by pairing up your guests into teams and asking them to work together to solve the given tasks faster.

Elevate Any Corporate Event Activities Ideas with Top Entertainment

Sharing a new experience together is the ultimate ice-breaker, so here are two entertainment ideas which are guaranteed to spark up a conversation and lay the groundwork for an interactive evening:

  • Aerial Performers. Featuring this act is a fabulous way to get the audience involved – even if the venue is limited in terms of floor space. Moreover, aerial performers add an undeniable thrill element which can make any event more exciting.
  • Wow-factor entertainment which involves participation from the audience. Mentalists and magicians are two examples which fit into this category.

We hope you now have a few new ideas to power your efforts to put together engaging, interactive corporate events people will love to attend.

For a constant source of inspiration, make sure to follow our blog. We continuously post new ideas and useful information to keep your creative juices flowing.

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