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Academy Music Group Will Be Allowed To Re-Open The O2 Brixton Academy

Academy Music Group Will Be Allowed To Re-Open The O2 Brixton Academy
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LONDON (CelebrityAccess) — Academy Music Group, operators of the historic O2 Academy Brixton will be allowed to re-open the venue which has been dormant this year following a deadly crowd surge at he venue in December 2022.
According to the BBC, Lambeth’s Council agreed to allow the venue to re-open following a hearing at Lambeth Town Hall after venue operators agreed to comply with a list of 77 new conditions designed to promote public safety at the venue.
The new conditions imposed on the venue include upgraded front doors, a new crowd management system, expanded risk assessment capabilities, a centralized command and control system, and a new ticketing system. The new stipulations also include new management and security teams at the concert venue.
“AMG will now need to put in place the agreed measures to enable the reopening of this much-loved local venue, which is a key part of Brixton’s cultural heritage and has been enjoyed by millions. We’ll be working to closely monitor all licensing conditions to ensure that safety is at the forefront of the venue’s future operations,” said Lambeth councilor Dr Mahamed Hashi in a statement provided to the BBC.
Academy Music Group has been working to keep its license to operate the concert venue following a deadly incident that took place outside of the venue on December 15th during a concert by Nigerian recording artist Asake. During the sold-out concert, fans gathered outside of the venue, leading to a crowd surge that left two dead and multiple injured.

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